Consistently meeting the expectations of market demands and requirements for aluminum profiles wide-range applications.

general Industrial


Extal is very active in the supply of both regular and processed profiles for outdoor products. We provide cut, processed, and painted profiles for companies that sell greenhouses, canopies, carpools, and more. Companies we work with include Palram Application, anssens, GFP, as well as numerous others.
Thanks to the development of a unique process, we export over 2000 tons of aluminum per year to companies in the United States who are engaged in the field of fences.


Extal is authorized to work with the largest security companies in Israel, including Rafael, Elta, IMI, and others. Thanks to precise CNC technologies, quality array, and controlled processes, we are suppliers of complex components to these defense industries. These parts are characterized by dense tolerances and secondary processing in the overall milling, welding, and other key applications.


In the field of electronics, Extal supplies heatsinks for a wide range of products. This ranges from heatsinks for military systems to heatsinks for fine electrical products. Extal’s aluminum profiles are used as components in the world’s largest particle accelerator, CERN.
The ability to draw their profile with an extra-large blocking circle allows us to also tackle signage and street lighting projects across the country. These include the light poles on Ibn Gvirol Street, the light rail stations in Jerusalem, and many others


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